Loud and proud: celebrating Pride 2019 (and beyond)

Published on 12 Jul 2019
Anna Gun



Loud and proud: celebrating Pride 2019 (and beyond)

ride is always a special time of year for the global queer community to come together to celebrate, commemorate, and continue to push for progress. It’s no different here at Asana, and Team Rainbow—our queer employee resource group (ERG)—went above and beyond to make queer employees feel seen and appreciated, while inspiring allies to join in and learn more, too.

While we celebrated Pride in many ways this month, we know that showing up every day and building a diverse and inclusive environment where queer employees can thrive is what makes the biggest impact. Keep reading to see a recap of Pride 2019 and to learn how Asana supports queer employees year-round.

What was your favorite Pride event (that you worked on or attended) and why?

“RENT! It was lovely to go off site with members of Team Rainbow to share a community-relevant activity. And the Pride celebration is always amazing.” — Katie D.

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“I was overwhelmed by the turnout at the Pride happy hour. There was an incredible energy in the room. It’s incredible how Asanas can come together to celebrate a sense of pride, belonging, and just pure happiness.” — Allie J.

“Dublin Pride. Last year was my first year participating in a pride event organized by my work and it was simply amazing basking in the love and acceptance that permeated the streets of our city. It as a very proud moment for me.” — Tadgh D. 

Asanas were bursting with pride at the 2019 Dublin Pride Parade.

How have allies, Asana, and/or Team Rainbow helped you feel supported at work?

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“Every month, we have a queer-only discussion group. Early on, I worried I wasn’t ‘queer enough’ and the group quickly reassured me there’s no such thing. We all have such different experiences. That’s the point. Coming together in a safe space to talk about our experiences, to celebrate and understand our identities together is what it’s about.” — Nikki H.

Just one of dozens of rainbow-themed treats prepared by our Culinary team during Pride month.

“There’s an unspoken aura of acceptance that circles the office here in Dublin. I talk openly about my relationship and never fear discussing LGBTQIA+ topics, which is something I haven’t enjoyed in previous workplaces.” — Tadgh D.

Lots of pink, yellow, and blue—which are the colors of the pansexual pride flag—at our screen printing event.

“The nuance that is embraced in and beyond Team Rainbow is excellent. As a pan/queer human it’s really nice to not have to explain exactly-what-that-means, and to be included as a legit part of the community. We even have pan flags in the pride decorations!” — Katie D

What’s it like to be a part of Team Rainbow?

Team Rainbow’s awesome Pride committee stands tall.

“It’s like being part of a really warm platonic hug, where you can just be your weird ass queer self.” — Steven R.

“Being a part of Team Rainbow is a pleasure and privilege. It’s a group of individuals who are taking time out of their days to come together for events, programming, or even just conversation around a cause bigger than themselves. I’m thrilled to be at a company that supports that effort.” —Russell A.

Who is a queer icon for you and why?

Rachel Miller, because she’s amazing in every way.” — Steven R. (We agree, Steven!)

“Currently obsessed with Rain Dove, the non-gendered / gender queer (they have used various terms here) model who uses the medium of high fashion to make visually dramatic statements about gender, and specifically how absurd and inappropriate it is to reinforce a gender binary.” — Katie D.